Quadcopters near death experiences

We all know that Drones and Quadcopters are a fun (and amazing) way of shooting breathtaking views, what people don’t always remember is that the flight times for quadcopters can range anywhere between 3 minutes and 20 minutes… Yeah not much, hey?
One must always be aware of how much “juice” is left in the battery, which is not as simple as it might sound, especially when a photographer get caught in the moment of good light and a beautiful photo op – mix that with flying over a lake or beach, and there you have it – Quadcopters near death experiences!

Here are the 3 most amazing saves of Quadcopters:

#1 – Ultimate Drone Save

#2 – Quadcopter Faces Near Death Experience

#3 – My first day with my drone (which almost was my last day with my drone)