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Where are you from?
I live in the Washington DC suburbs roughly halfway between DC and Baltimore. We also own a second house a half hour North of Yellowstone National Park which gives good access to the Park as well as the surrounding areas. Having grown up in small towns in Nebraska, I’m much more comfortable in Montana than in Maryland, plus the natural world is vastly more accessible.

Why did you want to become a Photographer?
I think that becoming a photographer was part of a personal evolution. Growing up my family did camping vacations mostly in the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. That plus small town living help me develop a strong love of being outdoors and enjoying the natural world. I’m sure it helped that my father was always taking slides as part of our family vacations. Then in graduate school a roommate gave me his old twin lens reflex camera, which is what I used to start taking my own pictures. I rapidly graduated to an SLR (in 1980) and haven’t looked back. It’s worth adding that while I briefly tried black and white film and working in a darkroom, I wanted to be outside as much as possible so I followed the family tradition and became a slide shooter. I get a chuckle from looking back on that decision since with my switch to digital I now spend nearly as much time processing my photos on the computer as I do taking them.

Why did you choose this particular shot to be your favorite photograph?
Picking a favorite photo was very difficult. I finally settled on this one because is illustrates two of my photographic loves, looking at the world closely for details and creating abstracts. This image is of a layer of thin ice on my backyard pond where the hardy lily had been trying to grow just a few days before the cold snap froze the pond surface and stopped the lily growth temporarily. I really love both the interesting structures in the ice and the fascinating colors and shapes of the lily leaves as distorted by the ice. I also chose this image because it represents a significant honor, being selected as the photo of the month for April 2013 by the Nature Photographers Network (

Anything else you want to add?
Be sure to enjoy nature wherever your are and whenever you can. It’s always nearby often in surprising places.


Mark Seaver  -Through Thin Ice

Mark Seaver -Through Thin Ice

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