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Where are you from?
My name is Mark R Friedman; born in Queens, NY – currently living in Ossining,

Why did you want to become a Photographer?
I don’t think I ever made a conscious decision to become a photographer. It
started out as a hobby I had a knack for: I sold several pieces to Kodak in 1974
for a book they produced on Creative In-Camera photography (as opposed to
darkroom creativity). I shot color slides using multiple exposures, various nonstandard
filters and Infra-Red color film.
I had my first one-man show in 1984, I think.
Why photography? Because I couldn’t draw nor could I paint. I couldn’t work
from a blank canvas; instead I could notice all the things around me: the smallest
details, shades and intensities of colors, the quantity and quality of the available
It appears this is not unusual for someone like me. I was diagnosed with ADHD
and High-Functioning Autism, Learning Disabilities and more in 2008, which is
when I was first treated for these conditions. Which I was born with.

Why did you choose this particular shot to be your favorite photograph?
This picture of Jason and River was taken in the Galapagos while out group was
waiting for transportation to see {something}.
My wife and I sat down at a table where Jason and his daughter were sitting –
those being the only seats available then – I plopped down my Canon Powershot
G11 (my walkabout camera at the time) and surreptitiously starting grabbing
street shots.
At some point, I noticed our table mates had gone silent. I turned to them and
took a few shots. This was one of them.
After the fact, I introduced myself to Jason, told him I had taken his picture and
showed it to him. I offered to send him a print in exchange for a model release
from him and his daughter, River.
This is one of the most sensitive and insightful portraits I’ve taken.
I usually shoot, well – everything except people (autism at work) and I have a vast
collection accumulated over the past 43 years. I’ve carried a single image with
me – a favorite taken in 1975 – but I didn’t choose to share it here.
In many ways, it’s typical of the work I do – highly creative, unusual, technically
perfect – and there are no people in it.
This portrait is the type of photography I’ve been striving for the last couple of
years. I find it soothing and made my choice.

Anythingelse you want to add?
My work can be seen here:

Mark R Friedman -Jason and Rivers

Mark R Friedman -Jason and Rivers

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