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Where are you from?
Toronto, Canada

Why did you want to become a Photographer?
Travel is what I live for the most, and naturally, photography and travel go hand in hand.  I use photography as a means of showing others what else is out there in this great big world.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I would argue that some pictures are worth even more.  A well composed and well timed shot is worth what words can’t describe: emotion.  Ultimately, I became a photographer in hopes that others viewing my images would go out and experience these amazing places for themselves.

Why did you choose this particular shot to be your favorite photograph?
This photo was taken right off the esplanade in Iquitos, Peru.  The city of Iquitos is known as the gateway to the Amazon.  Thousands of tourists visit every year, as it is the starting point of many jungle expeditions.  The beautiful sunset over the Amazon River is sharply contrasted by the floating slums lining the river.  I enjoy photographing what ‘real’ life is like in the places I visit.  To foreigners, Iquitos may evoke images of an ancient rain forest.  However, for those who live there, this image is the reality of everyday life.

Anything else you want to add?
Please check out my website for more of my travel photography and videography:

Jessica Devnani

Jessica Devnani

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