Dean Sauskojus

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Where are you from?
I am a Montana native from Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Why did you want to become a Photographer?
Ever since I can remember I just loved being in the outdoors. When I was a toddler my father took me fly fishing on the Boulder River. As I grew older I became more and more serious about fishing. High mountain lakes were one of my favorite places to fish. I started carrying a camera with me while on these trips to capture the surrounding beauty of the places I intended to go. All the photographers that I had studied were using 4×5 cameras for image clarity and it is what the big calendar companies wanted so I purchased a wooden Wista DX 4X5 field camera and packed it into the mountains with me. I was hooked after looking at the large transparencies on a light box. From then on my fishing took a back seat to my photo endeavors.

Why did you choose this particular shot to be your favorite photograph?
This image from Pelican Creek in Yellowstone National Park has a nice little tributary that leads your eye into the image. The last light of the day added pink colors to the sky and the reflection created the emotional impact for the image. The contrasting colors are beautiful together. The trees break up the image nicely and add depth to the photo. I always look for nice curves that are pleasing to the viewer which this image has.

Anything else you want to add?
Yellowstone is my most favorite place on this earth. It is probably because I live so close to the park and know it by heart. I have visited the park so many times I have lost count. As a result I have more images of Yellowstone than any other geographical area in the Northern Rockies. I have taken all my knowledge of photographing the park and have included it in an eBook called “The Ultimate Photo Guide to Yellowstone National Park”. My goal is to help other photographers gain an advantage to finding and taking great images of such an awesome place, Yellowstone.


Pelican Creek

Pelican Creek

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