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Where are you from?
Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but grew up in Calgary, AB and now reside in the middle of a forest in SE British Columbia, Canada.

Why did you want to become a Photographer?
I’ve just always been captivated by the combination of technological and creative elements that are inherent in photography (and even more so now that most of us have “gone digital”). As a biologist and strong environmentalist, photography has proven to be a good outlet and means to communicate my views on conservation. I consider myself a conservation photographer who mostly photographs wildlife, not “simply” a wildlife photographer.

Why did you choose this particular shot to be your favorite photograph?
 This shot was taken on the northern coast of British Columbia in a region known as “The Great Bear Rainforest”. To me it absolutely captures the mood and feeling of the “Great Bear” – from the dark shoreline the bear is standing on, through to the wispy fog and lightbeams streaming through the trees and the perched eagles and the moody, mysterious feeling of this shot  – well….for me this image IS the Great Bear Rainforest!

Anything else you want to add?

Other things I want to add? Hmmm…not that i can think of.
But anyone wanting to know more about me can go here:
And, anyone interested in joining me on a photo tour of the Great Bear Rainforest can go here:
And, anyone wishing to see lots more images of the Great Bear Rainforest (and its furry inhabitants) can go here:


Brad Hill "The Ethereal Great Bear Rainforest"

Brad Hill “The Ethereal Great Bear Rainforest”

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