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Where are you from?
On my trips I carry along a German passport with 2 copies in two different places. Never know!

Why did you want to become a Photographer?
In my very youngest days (5-6 years old) my dad always took me along into the forests watching the wildlife. I just loved it out there, never stopped and went with him till I left the home sweet home. The usual process started when I got my first camera….etc. I think there are many photographers out there with that kind of start. Over the years it started to be a passion and after studying I worked with a Commercial and portrait photographer. It was sort of fun, but something was always missing – Nature! After we have moved to Africa, my passion for nature got a great wake up call. We, my husband and me, spent every weekend if possible in National Parks with the “local” wildlife. Since the wake up call, I stayed with nature, wildlife and landscape and what comes along with all trips, of course travel photography.

Why did you choose this particular shot to be your favorite photograph?
Good night, sleep tight. Polar bear sleeping under the full moon. Why did I choose this image, very simple, this is a lifetime shot for me. For me it was a privilege to witness this polar bear nestled in a cosy position between rocks under the full moon with such magnificent light. This scene will be forever etched in my memory. When I meet some of the photographers, which came along, the first thing we talk about is. Remember the polar bear under the full moon?
Yep, the rough sea, the dawn light and my rear position in the zodiac beside the guide all made it quite a bit difficult. I had the lenses of the other photographers in the zodiac blocking my view. My only solution was to stand up in this shaking vehicle, what I did. I remember first time we were in range, with my long lens and the shaking zodiac I had the polar bear just flipping to all corners in my viewfinder. The challenge was to get the waves and zodiac shaking under “control”, which I eventually was able to. 😀

Anything else you want to add?
Not only wildlife is my passion, I am also very much into landscape and travel photography. Landscape photography has so much to offer from the vastness of the Arctic to unending places in Africa. Waterfalls taken with long exposure or freezing the water while falling down the cliffs. While traveling very often I became a fan of travel photography as well.
Last not least, black and white fine art photography, a great way to express my vision, emotions and perceptions. Enjoy 😀
My images are available to buy prints and stock photos in my website.


Polar Bear Sleeping Under Full Moon

Polar Bear Sleeping Under Full Moon

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